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Volunteer at WE21 & Invent It. Build It.

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Volunteer and Experience SWE Teamwork in Action and Drive the WE21 Conference and/or Invent It. Build It. (IIBI) Student Outreach Event!

Fulfilling a volunteer role at WE21 and/or IIBI is easy, fun, and makes you eligible to earn a registration refund post-event. To be eligible for the volunteer refund, you must check-in for your shift at the WE21 volunteer room. Positions are limited, so please sign-up today!

In order to be eligible for a refund, please read the registration discount and eligibility policies below.

Registration Discount Policy

  • All collegiate volunteers for WE21 and IIBI will receive a $25 refund off their registration after completing their volunteer commitment. All volunteers must ensure they check-in before starting their volunteer shift.* 
  • All professional volunteers for WE21 and professional volunteers for IIBI will receive a $125 refund off their registration once they have attended their volunteer shift. All volunteers must ensure they check-in before starting their volunteer shift.* 
  • Only one volunteer refund or promo code is allowed per attendee. Refunds cannot be combined with a registration promo code. Volunteers cannot combine multiple IIBI or WE21 shifts to receive multiple refunds. 

Refund Process Time and Eligibility Policy

  • For WE21, it will take up to 30 days to process refunds and have them appear back in the accounts for those who have completed their volunteer shift. We’ve put measures in place to expedite the process for WE21. Refunds will be processed back to the credit/debit card used to purchase WE21 registration. If a check payment is made or the credit/debit card is canceled before the refund is issued, no other refund method will be issued.
  • Lead volunteers for both WE21 and IIBI will receive direct communication regarding their discounts, and for WE21 and beyond, they will receive promo codes to use pre-event. 
  • Once you commit to an assignment, you must fulfill it. If you need to change your assignment, we ask that you do so through your volunteer account before September 30, 2021. If you fail to complete your assignment (no show), you will not receive your partial registration refund after the conference.
  • Volunteers should attend the assigned volunteer training, which will be offered virtually before WE21 and IIBI.
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