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Racism and Its Compounding Effect Across Underrepresented Groups

Moderator: Kimberly Markiewicz, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, DuPont
Adriana Bohm, Ph.D. – Professor of Sociology focused on issues of social stratification
Nidhi Chaudhary – Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader, DuPont

Session Date and Time: Thursday, October 21, 10:00 – 11:15 a.m.

Kimberly Markiewicz X
Kimberly Markiewicz

Join a panel of industry-leading experts as they delve into the concept of race and how it has evolved over time. You will be taken on a journey thru history ending with the modern concept of Race and Racism. The conversation will then pivot to how racism has played a role in the propagation of other oppressive biases, including heterosexism, ableism, and classism.  The featured speakers not only focus their professional talents on driving inclusion, fighting social injustice, and demanding progress, but also embrace their intersectional identities and use their personal stories to authentically convey their messages.  You will leave this session feeling informed, inspired, and ready to take action using resources & the knowledge gained to help advance your advocacy in diversity, equity, and inclusion.  In addition, attendees should be able to understand the origins of Race and how it has evolved across the decades; describe the modern concept of Race as a human-invented social construct; earn how racism has contributed to other oppressive beliefs & biases, as well as a driven division within underrepresented communities; how you can be an Ally at home as well as in the workplace; recognize racism in everyday scenarios and how it inhibits even well-intentioned activities, and gain knowledge and skills to support courageous conversations.  

About the Speakers
Adriana Leela Bohm is a native of Wilmington Delaware. She earned a BA in Sociology with a minor in Black American Studies from the University of Delaware, an MA in Sociology from the University of Maryland, and a Ph.D. in Sociology from Temple University. Her dissertation is on the UAW and General Motors, and her research focused on resistance to the status quo component of the UAW and racism the assembly line workers faced at two GM factories.

Adriana has taught sociology at Delaware County Community College (DCCC) in Media, PA, since 2001. Her courses focus on social stratification with a strong emphasis on white privilege and transgender equality. At DCCC she helped start the college’s institutional diversity committee, faculty diversity committee, and currently serves on the college’s advisory board for the newly created Center for Equity and Social Justice.

Adriana was elected to the Red Clay School District Board in 2013. Over the last seven years, she has introduced equity initiatives such as the Resolution for Safe and Inclusive Schools, the creation of a diversity committee, and an increase in anti-racism, trauma-informed, and LGBTQ-focused professional development for district employees. She also led the fight to hire a Diversity and Equity officer and establish an office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Adriana also serves on the board of ACLU-Delaware where she has recently been appointed the Equity and Inclusion Officer. Most recently she was elected to the Board of Directors for Pacem in Terris, in Wilmington.

Adriana has spoken at numerous conferences across the country and in Canada on social injustice and the struggle for racial equity. She is currently working on a collaborative auto-ethnography on teaching race and racism at the college level.

Kimberly Y. Markiewicz, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at DuPont is trained as a chemical engineer and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.  She currently serves on the External Advisory Board for the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas. Kim has worked in a variety of roles during her DuPont career, but the one constant has been her involvement with diversity and inclusion Kim has been an avid supporter of diversity and inclusion throughout her career. In 2007, she became the Manager for Diversity, Inclusion, and Employee Engagement at DuPont in where she was responsible for the development & implementation of global diversity and inclusion programs, leading global efforts to re-frame and advance the Respect for People core value, reinvigorating and integrating the affirmative action and equal employment opportunity competency, and sponsoring the corporate employee resource groups.  She later returned to the Environmental, Health and Safety function to manage large-scale environmental improvement efforts. She continued to pick up additional responsibilities and was eventually named to the position of Vice President – Environmental, Health and Safety. Kim has been an active leader in multiple DuPont employee resource groups and most recently served as the leader for DuPont Pride which supports the LGBTQ+ community. She has been a champion for introducing the LGBTQ+ agenda in many of the organizations where she holds leadership positions. She has also been a champion for ensuring the perspective of women of color is included in the gender-based organizations in which she holds membership. She maintains an active membership with the Human Rights Campaign.

We Don’t Want to Live in a WALL-E World

Moderator: Kirsty Salmon, VP advanced bio and physical sciences for low carbon energy, BP
Session Date and Time: Thursday, October 21, 12:30 p.m.  – 1:45 p.m. EDT

What role do you want to play in a net-zero future? As society continues to work towards our climate goals, it is imperative that we don’t lose sight of the need for sustainability. By minimizing waste, using natural regenerative systems, and keeping as much material inside the value chain as possible, we can lower our carbon emissions while building a more sustainable and profitable world for future generations.

These are the key concepts of a circular economy, which our panel members will discuss as they address the technology challenges we face today and the reskilling required to solve them. No matter what field you’re interested in or how many years of experience you have, there is room for all of us to play a part in reaching a low-carbon future. 

During this session, you will learn how sustainability plays a key role in planning for the future and lowering our carbon footprint, the top technology challenges that need to be addressed to reach climate goals, and how reskilling can help us to solve these challenges by applying legacy engineering knowledge/experience towards new problems.

Terra Winston, Build Your Dream Career: Secrets from the C-Suite

Ringleader, InTerract Consulting

Session Date and Time: Thursday, October 21, 3:30 p.m.  – 4:30 p.m. EDT

Winston Terra Highrez

Hard work, dedication, and luck aren’t enough to give you the career of your dreams. It takes intention and strategy to succeed on your own terms. That’s why senior leaders use executive coaches to help them bring their best selves to every situation. Even if you aren’t working with a coach right now, you can lay the foundation for a flexible and fulfilling career with just a few key tools. Join us and learn how to create a tailor-made career strategy to fit you – your values, gifts, hopes, and dreams.

By the end of this session, you should be able to:

  1. Recognize how a values-based career strategy can increase both career fulfillment and success
  2. Move beyond your job description to define your secret sauce that can increase your opportunities.
  3. Assess and grow your network for the career that you’re building – not just where you are now

About the Speaker
Terra Winston, Ringleader of inTerract, has dedicated her life to helping her clients unleash the potential of each employee. She is a leadership consultant and executive coach with over 20 years of consulting experience. Terra holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia, an MBA from Stanford University, and coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation. With expertise in leadership development, facilitation, and DEI (diversity, equity, & inclusion), Terra implements a wide variety of solutions for her clients.

Brad Johnson, Leveraging Male Allies to Champion Gender Inclusion and Equity

U.S. Naval Academy and Johns Hopkins University

Session Date and Time: Friday, October 22, 11:00 a.m.  – 12:00 p.m. EDT

Brad Johnson

For a good reason, men have been called the missing ingredient in achieving gender equity in the workplace. The business case for full gender balance is irrefutable. Still, men are reluctant to mentor, sponsor, or even show up as strong friends and collaborators with women at work for a host of reasons. Based on his research for the books Athena Rising and Good Guys, the author will show how gender equality and strong cross-gender collaboration are good for both men and women. Covering male psychology and the elements of gender partnership, this session will set the bar high in terms of how men should show up as allies with women in the workplace and how both men and women can benefit from cross-gender mentorships, and ways women can call out allyship from men.

By the end of this session, you should be able to:

  1. Describe five key elements of cross-gender allyship
  2. Articulate some of the obstacles to better gender partnership at work
  3. Explain several strategies for leveraging workplace relationships with men

About the Speaker
W. Brad Johnson, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology in the Department of Leadership, Ethics and Law at the United States Naval Academy, and a Faculty Associate in the Graduate School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. A clinical psychologist, Dr. Johnson is a mentoring expert specializing in developing gender-inclusive mentoring cultures for organizations around the globe. Dr. Johnson is the author of numerous publications, including 14 books in mentoring, professional ethics, and gender inclusion. Recent books include Good Guys: How Men Can Become Better Allies for Women in the Workplace, Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women (both with David Smith), and the Elements of Mentoring 3rd Ed. (with Charles Ridley).

Melissa Andrada, Radical Candor: Creating a Culture of Feedback

Session Date and Time: Friday, October 22, 3:30 p.m.  – 4:30 p.m. EDT

Andrada Melissa

We believe that your relationships with other team members are at the center of your success – individually and collectively. And, at the heart of these relationships is Radical Candor, a simple framework developed to help you build a culture of great feedback.

Radical Candor is the ability to give feedback in a way that challenges people directly and shows you care about them personally. It will help you and all the people you work with do the best work of your careers and build stronger working relationships. 

Our Radical Candor keynote will introduce you to concepts, vocabulary, and tactics you can put into practice immediately.

About the Speaker
Melissa Andrada is a creative DEI strategic advisor, leadership coach, motivational speaker, and workshop facilitator collaborating with organizations to design a more loving and equitable society. Her focus within Radical Candor is having heartfelt and uncomfortable conversations on anti-racism and all forms of oppression within the workplace.

Before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Melissa was the COO & Chief Learning Officer of Learnerbly, a VC-backed startup based in London that helps fast-growing tech companies and creative agencies accelerate the growth of their people. She co-founded the corporate learning arm of the creative consultancy Wolff Olins where she was a lead strategist working on clients that include BT, Skype, and Smithsonian in both their New York City and London offices. One of her favorite projects was co-creating the original strategic vision for the MOOC provider FutureLearn and their first course, which has reached 85,000+ people.

She frequently gives interactive motivational keynotes focused on empowering marginalized communities (LGBTQ2IA+, women, people of color) and influencing allies to care at organizations that have included The New York Times, Google, and Out in Tech. As a queer Filipina American born in Nigeria who came to the States as an undocumented immigrant, Melissa brings an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach to the workplace where strategy and social justice intersect. She’s particularly passionate about collaborating with innovative organizations across tech, health, and the creative industries that value education and equity. Outside of work and pandemic lockdown, Melissa can be found practicing a gentle yoga flow, volunteering for the East Bay Meditation Center’s LGBTQ+ sangha, surfing in Siargao, and writing heartfelt essays on what it means to be human.

Melissa Marshall, Present Your Science: Communication Strategies for Stakeholder Buy-In

Present Your Science

Date and Time of Session: Saturday, October 23, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. EDT

melissa marshall x

Communicating science effectively has always been a challenge and the pressure on engineers to connect their important work to key stakeholders has never been greater.  Have you ever tried to talk about a new technical project, only to be met with blank stares from your audience? Are you tired of the lifeless, text-heavy, bulleted slides that make up most presentations? Did you ever have a slam-dunk winner of a technical proposal go in front of a public audience only to be rejected because they didn’t “get it”? Join scientific presentations expert, Melissa Marshall, to learn practical strategies that you can use to transform the quality of your presentations.  From strategies on slide design to tips and tricks to tell a better story of the science, you will walk away with tools and techniques you can use to immediately stand out when presenting your work.

By the end of this session, you should be able to:

  1. Identify how to use audience-centered speaking to connect technical ideas to audience members of different backgrounds.
  2. Recognize how to filter a large amount of technical details to tell a more focused story of the science.
  3. Identify how to optimize slide design to be more clear and convincing.

About the Speaker: 
Melissa Marshall is on a mission: to transform how scientists and engineers present their work. That’s because she believes that even the best science is destined to remain undiscovered unless it’s presented in a clear and compelling way that sparks innovation and drives adoption. For almost a decade, she’s traveled around the world to work with Fortune 100 corporations, institutions and universities, teaching the proven strategies she’s mastered through her consulting work and during her 10 years as a faculty member at Penn State University.  Melissa is an in-demand leading expert in technical presentations.  When your team works with Melissa, they’ll get the practical skills and natural confidence they need to immediately shift their “information dump”-style presentations into ones that are meaningful, engaging, and inspire people to act.

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